Denman Green

A welcoming and affordable community


Denman Housing Association, a not-for-profit organization , will undertake the Denman Green project with the primary purpose of meeting, at least in part, the affordable housing needs of the Denman Island working community.

The project will create a community of healthy homes for families and individuals who live and work on the island. Sustainability will be a guiding principle of the project, with no purpose more important than that of maintaining a vibrant island full of opportunities for all ages.


Set in the heart of downtown Denman, the location is ideal as it is within walking distance of the general store, the school and the ferry as well as the local cafés and shops.


Rental rates will be set once construction nears completion as one level of rent is set below than current market rates. All rates will meet the BC Housing definition of affordability.

Site Plan June 2022

Update – June 2022

Islands Trust Approvals

Following a Community Information Meeting & Public Hearing on May 30, the Denman Local Trust Committee approved 3rd Reading of an OCP Amendment Bylaw, a Land Use Amendment Bylaw and a Housing Agreement Bylaw at its May 31 Meeting.

These Bylaws have now been sent to the Islands Trust Executive Committee for ratification. The ratified Bylaws then go to the Ministry of Housing for approval. From there they are sent back to the DILTC for a 4th Reading and adoption.

Key Design Elements

Potable Water

  • Allan Dakin, P.Eng. FEC, Groundwater Engineer
  • Water license preliminary approval from Ministry of Land, Water and Natural Resource Stewardship (MLWNRS) – now out for consultation with other parties
  • Requires an EOCP certified Operator to maintain it
  • While all water can be supplied by on-site well the plan is for 50% supply from well and 50% from rainwater from building roof area


  • Water from showers and basins represents 25% of indoor water use in a household.
  • By treating it and re-using it for toilet flushing Denman Green will save about 650,000 litres of water per year


  • H2O Environmental Ltd, Steve Carballeira. P.Geo.
  • Type 3 (highest quality) system will ensure effluent is ‘fully polished or attenuated’ within 11 metres of the septic field
  • Wetland and well are both 30+ metres distant from the septic field
  • A Certified Operator will maintain the system

Next Steps

Many other site and building design elements are now proceeding:

Refine architectural designStormwater management
Heating, cooling and ventilationLandscaping
Fire protectionElectrical including PV array
Building structureConstruction costing
Greywater recyclingGeotechnical