Denman Green

Community Information Meeting

May 12th at 5 p.m.

Recorded Zoom Meeting

A welcoming and affordable community


Denman Housing Association, a not-for-profit organization , will undertake the Denman Green project with the primary purpose of meeting, at least in part, the affordable housing needs of the Denman Island working community.

The project will create a series of residential clusters of affordable rental units.

It is the intention of the project to create a community of healthy homes for families and individuals working on the island. Sustainability will be a guiding principle of the project, with no purpose more important than that of maintaining a vibrant island full of opportunities for all ages.


Set in the heart of downtown Denman, the location is ideal as it is within walking distance of the general store, the school and the ferry as well as the local cafés and shops.

Building type

Buildings will likely be pre-fabricated and modular, two stories high and approximately south facing as the site and other infrastructure allow.


Sustainability will be a major consideration in the design, construction and liveability of Denman Green. Some of the energy, water and human health related sustainability principals will include:

Water use will be a major consideration. The principle source of potable water will be treated rainwater by an Island Health approved system. This will minimize groundwater usage. Additional water saving will be achieved by fitting low-flow faucets, showerheads and toilets, by re-using grey water for flushing and by having a common laundry fitted with Gold Star energy efficient machines.

Energy efficiency will be a key design principal. Passive design practice will be used to keep the homes comfortable and to minimize the energy requirements for heating the homes and domestic hot water. Effective use of thermal mass energy storage in combination with thermal insulation, efficient glazing and optimized siting of the homes will all help to maximize wintertime solar heating, day light and the summertime natural cooling and ventilation.

Plans include a solar array, sized to meet the energy demands of Denman Green throughout the year via a net metering arrangement with BC Hydro. Achieving net zero energy consumption is the aim.

The homes will be designed with consideration for the occupants’ health and well-being such as maintaining good indoor air quality using energy efficient ventilators and the use of environmentally preferable materials.

Common areas will be planted with native flora and drought-resistant plants. Strategically planted trees and shrubs will provide a degree of privacy.


Rental rates will be set once construction nears completion as one level of rent is set below than current market rates. All rates will meet the BC Housing definition of affordability.


Financing of the project will ensure that tenants pay no more than 30% of their gross income as rent.

Facility management

The Association will develop and own Denman Green and contract professional management of the affordable rental homes.

The Association will determine rules, regulations and eligibility criteria for the rental units, taking its lead from the experience and past best practice of other such developments in B.C.

Other considerations

Community Engagement

A Community Information Meeting was held on September 22 2018. Forty Denman Island residents attended and much interest was shown in the project, with the questions raised being all constructive and indicating that the community is broadly supportive of this long-awaited affordable housing initiative.

Board Capacity

The Association’s Board has the skills to meet the challenges involved, including:

– Broad management of the project through build and operation

– Fundraising and relationships with government funding entities

– Compliance with regulations, land use and other laws

– Site selection, land acquisition, design and project management

– Project budgeting, cashflow and operating budget management

– Legal formalities, housing agreements, employment contracts

– Optimizing energy efficiencies and environmental standards

Site plan

Initial Concept & Evolving